Special Programs

At Ateres, we believe that so much beyond the classroom learning goes into the educational experience. We offer our students a robust program of extracurricular activities that are designed to touch the minds, hearts, individual talents, and souls of all of our students.


High School


We have found that teens benefit from the close attention of a teacher designated specifically to form warm relationships with the students of a particular grade. Our mechanchos, who are generally also classroom teachers, put their hearts into getting to know their girls as people outside of the classroom. These women are the first address for any teachers to approach about challenges or questions they may be experiencing with students or the class as a whole. They are also charged with organizing grade-specific activities, such as the class Shabbatons and chesed trips, which provide wonderful opportunities for the girls to bond with each other and with their mechaneches.


This popular program brings awareness of shemiras halashon and interpersonal behavior to the daily lives of our students. Mishmeres heads fill the school year with exciting programs, skits, and activities to make sure this vital area is a constant focus.


Our chesed program offers exciting chesed-focused school activities, as well as assignment of appropriate individual chesed placements for all students. The student heads work hard to ensure that chesed as a fun, alive, and prestigious activity at Ateres Bais Yaakov, and they are very successful.


Our student G.O. heads are spirited leaders who maintain a level of joy and excitement throughout the school year. They are charged with planning trips and activities, as well as distributing mementoes and treats throughout the year, all connected to their creative annual theme.


Our Artzeinu program is designed to maintain our students’ awareness of and connection to the Land of Israel. Exciting quiz programs and frequent presentations keep students abreast of happenings in Eretz Yisrael, both contemporary and historic.

Yemei Iyun

Before Yamim Tovim, our exquisitely planned Yemei Iyun enable our students to enter the chag spiritually prepared and excited. The presentations center upon a theme related to the day, and the program includes a keynote address from a noted Torah personality, interactive workshops, and other activities.