Ateres Bais Yaakov opened its doors in 2000 with nursery through third grade and quickly expanded. When our high school opened in 2003, we were up to the sixth grade in the elementary school. In 2008, we graduated our first high school class, and we have only continued to grow. Right now we have about 430 students spanning the kindergarten through twelfth grades, and we are so proud of the excellent education we offer to all of our students.

At Ateres, we offer a robust dual curriculum of kodesh and secular studies taught by a dynamic, professional, and well-trained cadre of teachers. Our kodesh classes instill a love of learning, textual proficiency, and depth of hashkafah in our students. Students are encouraged to learn by asking questions and thinking deeply, making their mesorah their own. Ateres’ secular program is rich and varied, and equips our students to go on to further study in the fields of their choice. The relationships our students form with their teachers are in integral part of the Ateres experience.

We believe that each student is unique and has gifts that are hers alone. Students need not be identical, or excel in similar areas, to be considered Ateres success stories. We value any girl who is willing to take her responsibilities as a student, friend, and bas Yisrael seriously, and we encourage both a sense of unity as well as respect for individuality in our student body. Each student is met where she is and valued for who she is, while at the same time she is encouraged to take advantage of the myriad offerings, both academic and extra-curricular, that are available at Ateres to enable her to reach her potential.

Love of and connection to Eretz Yisrael are essential components of the spiritual life of any Jew, and at Ateres we make educating our girls about all aspects of our Land a priority. Whether through classroom teachings on the many aspects of the subject, or extra-curricular programs like the Artzeinu program, Ateres girls feel deeply connected to Eretz Yisrael.

Ateres Bais Yaakov graduates are young women who are committed to Torah and halachah and take pride in their roles as Jewish women. They attend a variety of seminaries and colleges and work in many fields, while making Torah learning, family, and chesed priorities in their lives.

Our Mission Statement—Elementary Division

Ateres Bais Yaakov Elementary School is a Bais Yaakov of professional excellence and personal development that crystallizes the potential of each talmidah.

Our Mission Statement—High School Division

Ateres Bais Yaakov High School is a Bais Yaakov high school of distinction. Its program of excellence cultivates the mind, heart, talent, and character of each Bas Yisrael b’ahavah, b’yirah, b’chachmah…u’visimchah!