What Is Give & Get

Give & Get

We are excited to announce a new and exciting initiative to enhance and maximize our school-parent partnership, the new Ateres Bais Yaakov “Give and Get Program (G&G).”
The purpose of G&G is to better create a more active team approach between the parents, school, and our fundraising initiatives and student programming, all of which produce amazing results and contribute to the best possible school program for our girls.

What is the Give & Get Program?

The G&G Program requires parents to fulfill a $250/250 points per family obligation each school year.
This obligation can be fulfilled in the form of:
a) volunteer hours at a rate of $10 per hour,
b) donation of goods and services at or above the $250 or
c) a donation [above any tuition obligation] of any form.
Extra points cannot be carried over to another year and are non-transferrable.

How do I sign up for Give & Get opportunities?

There are many opportunities throughout the school year to accrue G&G points. You may volunteer time at a rate of 10 points per hour. You may also volunteer to sponsor items for school specials and the monetary value will be applied to your points balance, or you may fulfill your points obligation in the form of a monetary donation. The G&G sign up period is 9/1-9/23. You must log-in to register in the program within this time period so we may form committees and volunteer lists for the year. On the right of this screen you can find a list of volunteer opportunities.

How does G&G benefit my daughter/s?

The success of any school is dependent on the success of its programs, fundraisers, events and participation of its constituents. We at Ateres need to team up with our parents to ensure the optimal level of success for our school. Your daughters will directly benefit from your contribution to the school as you ensure success of our programs as a direct result of your participation in the G&G program.

What happens if I do no fulfill my give and get obligation by years end?

There are many opportunities throughout the year to fulfill your G&G requirement. The G&G program is structured in a way to make accruing points easy. Simple tasks such as attending fundraising events or purchasing items from a school fundraiser count towards your points!
However, if for some reason by the year’s conclusion you carry an unfulfilled points balance, it must be paid by June 30th.

How will I know about G&G opportunities?

After you have signed up for all possible activities or sponsorships you are interested in volunteering for, you will be signed up under that committee, pending availability. As the need arises you will be contacted for those goods, service or donation. Please bear in mind that opportunities are subject to availability and you cannot be guaranteed any one specific apportionment, so sign up for multiple opportunities! Additional opportunities will be posted in the Simchas Shabbos, G&G box, emailed out and posted on fliers sent home with your daughter/s.