Ateres N’shei

What Does N’shei do for your daughter/s?

Ateres N’shei’s goal is to enhance your daughter’s school year by keeping school fun and exciting. N’shei offers a variety of events, projects, gifts and goodies otherwise not available within a typical educational budget.

Sample Activities

  • Back to school presents
  • Rosh Chodesh Treats
  • Yom Tov Crafts
  • Chanukah Special
  • Tu B’Shvat Brachos Party
  • Shavuos Ice Cream Truck
  • Raffle Rewards – sponsor a raffle
  • Lag B’Omer Activity
  • Pizza Friday – more info
  • Box Top Prizes – download sheet
  • School Pictures

Pay N'shei Dues


Purchase Pizza Friday Online

Main Events

  • Mother-Daughter Brunch – More Info
  • Shavuos Delicacy Auction
  • Mother-Daughter Ice Skating
  • End of Year Tent Event
  • Inflatables

For our Devoted Teachers

  • Chanukah Bonuses – More Info
  • Mishloach Manos
  • Teachers room gift
  • Teacher Appreciation Day

Giving Back

  • Box Top reward checks
  • Scholarship Fund donations
  • Clothing Exchange
  • Seforim Exchange
  • Classroom enhancing gifts (indoor recess games, outdoor recess
    equipment, projectors, LCD screens, updated Junior High facilities, color printer, etc.)

We will keep you informed ~ Read our N’shei corner column in the weekly Ateres newsletter. E-mails and flyers will be sent home.
Class mothers will be reaching out to you about N’shei events
Please be involved! Volunteer to be a part of your daughter’s special
school activities! Please contact us!