Junior High

The Ateres Junior High program offers a distinctive transition to young adulthood. The academic curriculum emphasizes development of textual skills alongside practical application.

Students learn how to be active participants in their own learning through hands-on experiences and a variety of activities.  Classes are vigorous and encourage the girls to develop higher order cognition and analytical abilities.

The JHS extracurricular programs include leadership opportunities through student-led activities and teach life skills such as planning and execution. A year-long G.O. program, Yemei Iyun, grade performances, yearbook jobs, chagigos, and many other activities imbue the JHS with a positive and productive ruach.

Our unique chessed program trains our girls to be givers and teaches that chessed begins at home. The dedicated staff of role models in the JHS work in tandem to enable each and every student to actualize her own special potential.